Resolving Communication Issues with Couples Counseling in San Jose, CA

Couple after counseling in San Jose, CA

With all the differences couples can have regarding personality, background, perspective, etc., it's a wonder that healthy and happy relationships exist at all. However, it’s entirely possible to enjoy a relationship where both partners maintain their individuality while sharing a passionate connection. It simply takes couples learning to speak clearly, respectfully and compassionately to avoid common pitfalls. While a perfect couple who never argues does not exist. You can develop strategies to combat any existing and future communication issues with the help of couples counseling in San Jose, CA. There’s simply no better place to find smart solutions for communication issues than at Dr. Fishbein’s office.

In marriage or couples counseling, one or both of you may be skeptical that the process will help, that your therapist will be impartial, or that anything will change for months. Rest assured that John R. Fishbein Ph.D.’s methods are non-judgmental, constructive, and straightforward. He makes every effort to understand the problem from both angles and offer solutions. On average, couples accomplish their goals of overcoming communication difficulties in 1-12 sessions.

What You Can Expect

Dr. Fishbein is proud of his long record of bringing couples together again. Whether you’ve never been to counseling before or have been unsuccessful in previous attempts, he can help. There are 9 problems that interfere with overcoming communication difficulties. By eliminating what’s in your way, you can speak more clearly with your loved one. Schedule a free 10-minute phone consultation to find out how Dr. Fishbein can help you and your partner enjoy a more satisfying and healthy relationship.

There are 9 Barriers to Overcoming Communication Difficulties that can achieve the following:

  • Enhanced Intimacy and Sexuality
  • Improved Relationships with Family, Friends and Co-workers
  • Loving and Growing Relationships
  • Reduced Anxiety and Stress

The principles of good communication are the same in the business and social worlds too. Many people do not realize there are 2 versions of every language: one for non-intimate settings, like work and the other used in personal settings such as with family. An engineer may be fluent in technical terms, yet inexperienced in close family communication. Usually, those with difficulties have tried to share their feelings, but when they failed and experienced more pain, rejection, and misunderstanding, they began putting up walls or turning themselves off emotionally. Dr. Fishbein can help remove walls and develop safer and more effective communication skills.