Marriage Counseling To Improve Your Relationship in San Jose, CA

Couple in a Fight – marriage counseling in San Jose, CA

Barriers break down the flow of communication between loved ones can drive them apart before they even realize what is happening. John R. Fishbein, Ph.D. is here to help you develop a more loving, respectful and enjoyable relationship through marriage counseling in our office in San Jose, CA and throughout Northern California. As a marriage therapist with a practical and constructive approach, his couples counseling provides actionable assistance in overcoming communication difficulties with your spouse.

Marriage counseling can help you along the path to a better, happier union. Dr. Fishbein offers in-office as well as phone or video sessions. Speak to him to set one up today.

Straightforward Marriage Therapy Services

Dr. Fishbein offers a non-judgmental environment for counseling and a direct approach to bring down barriers that prevent couples from growing together. Poor communication leads to misgivings and incorrect assumptions about what the other is thinking. When you stop viewing your spouse as an opponent, however, you can start to find common ground. By communicating more effectively, you can rediscover what drew you together in the first place.

Marriage counseling like this has the potential to make a difference in whether you’re happily able to stay together. Learning to talk to each other in a kind, honest, and constructive manner is an essential step in rebuilding the bonds you cherish most. By identifying and removing barriers getting in your way, you will be in a better position to communicate successfully

How to Remove Barriers to Better Communication