Thoughtful Couples Counseling in San Jose, CA

Couple talking to a TherapistBringing couples together during times of strife involves a focus on better communication, among other things. John R. Fishbein, Ph.D. has helped otherwise successful men and women with this task for decades as a couples therapist and published author. He specializes in identifying and removing barriers that people erect between themselves and their loved ones and friends. Learn about this approach and its benefits by visiting Dr. Fishbein for couples counseling in San Jose, CA.

He provides couples like you with a unique perspective and helps them develop a new approach. When a relationship begins to break down, the first thing that suffers is communication. Without an understanding of the other person’s world and the challenges they face, it’s often easy to assume the worst.

Therapy Services

During a series of marriage counseling sessions with Dr. Fishbein, you can begin to learn more about how conflict evolves and how to prevent the conflict and achieve more effective and satisfying communication.

Bring down the walls that you’ve both built up through the years due to conflict and distrust, and you’ll soon be able to reacquaint yourself with the person you fell in love with. Once you understand the way your partner communicates, it becomes easier to avoid needless conflict.