Therapy for Resolving Intimacy Issues in Cupertino, CA

Going through intimacy issues can put a lot of strain on your relationship. Many couples often incorrectly assume that the root of these difficulties is physical when there can often be an emotional or communication issue. That’s why we recommend visiting John R. Fishbein, Ph.D., when you need assistance with resolving intimacy issues in Cupertino, CA.

By assuming that the main issue is a physical one, many couples create even more strain on their relationship leading to blame, self-doubt, frustration, resentment, and worst of all, overlooking the main problem areas. By visiting Dr. Fishbein, couples can overcome their sexual difficulties while also dealing with the underlying causes. As an intimacy therapist, Dr. Fishbein will work to help you identify the essential areas of your relationship that are lacking and provide ways to improve on these issues. This will help to naturally improve intimacy with your partner.

The Benefits of Professional Help

By seeking the assistance of a therapist, many couples are able to more effectively overcome their intimacy issues. This is thanks to the direction and support that Dr. Fishbein provides to couples that are struggling with sexual frustrations. Contact us to learn more about the couples counseling services that Dr. Fishbein has to offer or to schedule a complimentary ten-minute phone consultation.