Anxiety Treatment from Our Therapist in Los Altos, CA

Woman Talking to Therapist in Los Altos, CAJohn R. Fishbein, Ph.D. is here to teach you about the triggers that can lead to feelings of stress when you join him for anxiety therapy. Through a combination of counseling, lifestyle changes, and anxiety treatment in San Jose, he can help you manage your problem more effectively. Once you have undergone a full evaluation, our therapist in Los Altos, CA, can recommend a program for anxiety control and develop a plan for your treatment. There are several approaches that can help you manage this condition before medication is recommended.

This condition can become a debilitating problem for a wide array of reasons. Understanding the particular disorder you have and what causes it is the first step in anxiety treatment. While many have traditional fears about work, others may be unable to leave the house due to the threat of panic attacks. Therapy is your key to start learning the underlying causes of your anxiety and rectifying them. Dr. Fishbein may suggest a number of treatment options, including cognitive behavioral therapy. Our therapist also offers sessions via video conference and over the phone.


How To Remove Barriers To Overcoming Anxiety