Anxiety Control Treatment from Our Therapist in Cupertino, CA

The time we live in has been aptly referred to as the Age of Anxiety. Not surprisingly, people experience varying degrees of it throughout their lives. By the time a person reaches their teenage years, dreams of living a peaceful and anxiety-free life have already begun. Unfortunately, despite the ideals of youth, no one escapes anxiety regardless of their achievements. Wealth, beauty, position, power, athletic success—none of these are any protection. The best way to handle it is to consult with a professional therapist in Cupertino, CA, like John R. Fishbein Ph.D. on the matter of anxiety control.

Some people experience so much anxiety that it interferes with living happily. Theirs is an extreme form that hits like a lightning bolt out of a clear blue sky. This is often referred to as a panic or anxiety attack because the severe physical symptoms appear so suddenly. Controlling your anxiety is especially vital if this is what it’s like. The symptoms can be so intense that they seem to signal an impending disaster—even death. Sometimes breathing becomes so rapid, a person gasps for air while their heart pounds increasingly fast. Other symptoms include:

  • Dizziness
  • Inability to Swallow
  • Numbness
  • Sudden Perspiration
  • Uncontrollable Trembling

How You Can Achieve Anxiety Control

For help with reducing anxiety now, please go to How to Remove Barriers to Overcoming Anxiety. These often interfere with the ability to successfully deal with depression as well. By identifying and removing these barriers, you’re in a better position to minimize and eventually manage anxiety with the help of our therapist.