Therapist Testimonials by Current and Former Clients

John R. Fishbein Ph.D. is grateful for the chance to have met so many wonderful people throughout his therapy work. He’s compiled some of their therapist testimonials in San Jose to give you an idea of what to expect and why clients choose him.

“After 32 years of marriage it was all but over, largely due to my actions. John works quickly to get healthy change to happen. His counsel is practical, results-based, and effective. John has a good sense of humor and laughed easily with me, which often was exactly what I needed to relax and open up. I liked that there were assignments and follow up and that John was available to talk on the phone. Marriage saved!”

San Jose, CA

“I had been suffering from depression and obsessive compulsive disorder for decades when I finally sought help from Dr. Fishbein. His consistently kind and empathetic nature always made counseling a very safe place. I gained a new perspective on so many things that had been causing me grief over the years. Many times I came away thinking, "Why did I wait so long to do this?" Each session brought me insight that truly made a difference in my journey to better mental/emotional health. I have referred many people to Dr. Fishbein over the years and would urge anyone who is dealing with emotional pain to make that initial appointment as soon as possible.”

Santa Cruz, CA

“During one of my darkest periods, Dr. Fishbein helped me defeat the worries that were plaguing me by showing me how I could use logic and behavioral techniques to confront them. Through his counseling, I began to see that I had the power to put my worries on hold and I didn't have to let them overtake me. I can't thank him enough!”

San Jose, CA

“I suffered from post-traumatic stress syndrome, anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia and sometimes even felt suicidal. Through Dr. Fishbein's excellent techniques, cognitive-behavior therapy, EMDR therapy, and understanding of people, I am living a more productive and better life. What a relief to better manage stress, life's difficult moments, and sleep through the night! I like his therapy options: telephone conferencing, office visits, and webcam sessions to accommodate those who live near or far from his office”

Palo Alto, CA

“I am better equipped to handle the ups and downs of life with the tools I learned from Dr. Fishbein.”

Bremerton, Washington

“Several years ago I began having panic attacks after a brief illness. They became debilitating and I knew I had to get back on track because I literally felt frozen. If you’ve had panic, you know that it feels like you are losing control. I withdrew from situations that never bothered me before and literally lost out on many previously enjoyable experiences. I am VERY grateful to have found Dr. Fishbein. I felt comfortable with him from the beginning. Our sessions were very effective and quickly we were able to identify together what I needed to do to gain my life back. What was previously debilitating is now doable and I even amaze myself of how far I’ve come with his help. Thank you, Dr. Fishbein!”

Redwood City, CA

“Dr. Fishbein was the third and final marriage counselor I decided to visit. His ability to listen, understand and genuinely empathize was something I never experienced with either of my other counselors. He earned my trust at the deepest levels. I would happily recommend Dr. Fishbein for anyone who wants a counselor who truly listens, cares and has the expertise to professionally guide a client through a complex and difficult personal situation.”

Los Gatos, CA