Behavioral Therapy to Help Form Better Habits

When you’re looking to understand and change your bad habits, call John R. Fishbein Ph.D. He offers behavioral therapy in San Jose, designed to uncover how learned behaviors can shape your actions. Specifically, he focuses on developing new ones through the same learning process that led to undesirable conduct. While cognitive behavioral therapy deals with the incorrect thoughts that lead to counterproductive behavior, this approach develops new learning for existing actions. It may involve desensitizing you to the fears that have controlled your life.

Dr. Fishbein offers an array of behavioral therapy services tailored to each patient. Once you schedule an appointment, he can help you determine the right approach for the challenge you face. The next step is meeting over the phone or via video conferencing for treatment that reinforces positive thinking and changes your outlook on life. From dialectical to cognitive, Dr. Fishbein is well-versed in all kinds of therapy fields regarding behavior. He’s put this knowledge to work for clients every day since 1975 and is happy to do so for you as well. Talk to him today to make that happen.